ZPLAY’s Mr. Catt Adds a Little Magic to the Match-three Formula


Mr. Catt is the brand new tile-matching puzzler from Chinese publisher ZPLAY. Combining charming graphics with a sweet fairytale story, the game manages to stand out from the crowded match-three market.

Awaking to find White Cat absent, Mr. Catt must journey across the galaxy to be reunited with his best buddy. You take the feline protagonist on a trip through an imaginative Milky Way, one star at a time, across 3 distinct story episodes. Each star is a puzzle stage, and must be cleared to progress. There are 300 stages in total with a gradual incline in difficulty.

mr. catt

Unlike most match-three games, the board isn’t constantly refreshed with new blocks tumbling from the top of the screen. Instead, you drag coloured blocks from your inventory at the bottom to the existing blocks on the board to create matching triads. Triggering special blocks like Lightning helps you clear the board more quickly, and the fewer moves you use to eliminate all blocks, the higher the score. Mr Catt is more about strategic placement than beating the clock, so gameplay is pretty laid-back.

And it’s even more laid-back thanks to the lullaby-like soundtrack and atmospheric graphics – all the elements work together to make Mr. Catt a meditative experience. Aside from pretty illustrations, the star-studded mission map also features hidden animations to trigger with a tap, rewarding the curious (whoever said curiosity killed the cat?).

Mr. Catt is available to download for free from Google Play.

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