ZPlay to Bring Puzzle Title, Inner Circle, to the App Store

Developed by Australian Indie team, Enormace Games, and published by ZPlay, infuriatingly addictive puzzler Inner Circle is due to hit down in the App Store imminently.

With a comprehensively simple and striking interface, the title is suitable for a wide demographic of players, young and old. The main premise of the game revolves around ensuring that the moving outer ring of the circle aligns with the colours of the ‘inner circle’.

Success is achieved by tapping the screen to rotate the circle and swiping to speed up the ring’s shrinking time, allowing for more point collection. With an impressive collection of 250 levels to get through, the game offers extensive gameplay over a long-term period – perfect for daily brain training.

Reminiscent of an indie Tetris, players will enjoy the consistent cognitive stimulation conveyed through an incredibly simple format. The only test is whether you can keep up with the time constraints!

In-game features include a handy night mode, in which lighting alters to ensure seamless gameplay in a variety of different circumstances. Additionally, the game offers an Arcade mode, whereby players must plough through levels indefinitely, to their hearts’ content.

With a currently undisclosed release date, we suggest you keep circling in on that App Store to ensure you grab this title as soon as it drops.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

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