You Can Now Trade Unwanted Dice Fragments for Items in Game of Dice

Game of Dice has just received a new update which adds a bunch of new features, events, and content to the mobile board game sensation.

The best of these is the brand new Mysterious Mansion map that alters the mechanics slightly by adding a Toll increase to the ‘Jail’ and ‘Crimson Aura’ tiles and moving Fortune Road to a different location.

game of dice mistery_en_2048-1536_2

You can also now equip yourself with one of 20 different buffs in the ‘Goods’ menu and trade Dice Fragments for items you actually need in the ‘Powder Shop’.

There’s also the return of a favourite former event as a permanent new mode. Winning Streak rewards you for consecutive wins.

To celebrate the new update, developer Joycity has released a bunch of events to coincide with the release. ‘Get’em Goods’ challenges you to make five star Goods and rewards you with a Good Draw Ticket and 500 Gems for doing so while ‘Spooky Wooky New Map!’ rewards you on a daily basis for playing the new Mysterious Mansion map.

game of dice

Haven’t played Game of Dice yet? Well, it’s a mobile board game in which you chuck dice to travel around a multi-tiled board, taking all properties you stop on. They then increase in value when you complete a lap of the board.

It’s not unlike Monopoly, except you can use unique abilities tied to your skill cards, characters, and dice to get an upper hand.

Head on over to the App Store or Google Play to check out Game of Dice and the brand new update right now.

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