World Chef Is Your New Resource Management Obsession

SocialPoint has launched their brand new mobile resource management game, World Chef, which follows in the capable footsteps of Dragon City and Monster Legends.

In World Chef, it’s up to you to build a renowned restaurant from the ground up. You’ll give it a name, hire the world’s best chefs, and decorate it however you see fit.

You’ll also serve up a huge variety of delicious dishes, unlocking more as you hire different chefs. They trade ingredients with their friends which constantly opens up new opportunities for dishes.

world chef

Over the course of the game, you’ll grow in fame which will, eventually, lead to visits from celebrities. If you please them, they may agree to attend a pool party you can host in their honour.

Resource management is key here but if you ever find yourself running low on any ingredients, it might be worth connecting with your friends on Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play Services to trade unwanted ingredients for ones which you need.

If you’ve played a restaurant management game on mobile before, you may have noticed that they’re usually focused on time attack style gameplay, where you have to serve as many customers as possible before a timer runs out. That’s not the case with World Chef.

world chef

Instead, your goal here is to build the best restaurant possible, serve the finest dishes, and attract the world’s elite.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, head on over to the App Store [download] right now or Google Play [download].

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