Wargaming Has Finally Sent World of Tanks Blitz into the Breach on Android

F2P online tank battler, World of Tanks Blitz, by Wargaming is now finally out on Android!

In other terrific news, cross-platform play is available at launch so you can battle your friends on iOS right away. Just try not to get too upset when they demolish you – they have had six extra months to polish their skills!

World of Tanks Blitz Android

World of Tanks was released on PC just over four years ago, but Blitz is far more than your average port. Between the well-executed touchscreen control method and the overhauled visuals, it’s quite clear that this version has been designed with mobile in mind.

Matches won’t last quite as long as the PC counterpart’s so feel free to jump right in on your coffee break. There are ten different battle arenas available for 7v7 tank battles with over 100 different iconic tanks from Great Britain, Germany, United States, and USSR to choose from.


To put a few fears at rest, you won’t receive an advantage from any of the in-app purchases in World of Tanks Blitz. Wargaming want all players to be on a level playing field so there are no ridiculously pricey, all-powerful tanks to buy in this game.

Graphical enhancements and updates will continue to be provided well after launch, so you can expect plenty more to come from this already excellent tank battler.


Detailed tutorials, real life physics, and a ton of in-game achievements to track down complete an already generous free-to-play package. There isn’t really a good reason not to check out World of Tanks Blitz. Head on over to Google Play [download] or the App Store [download] to download whichever version you desire.

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