Want to Play a Slot Machine Adventure Game? Check out Slot Raiders

Headup Games and Clockstone Studios are working together once again to create a brand new franchise that could well kickstart a new genre altogether.

Slot Raiders is a slot machine game with a whole new spin, combining traditional slot gameplay with elements of the adventure and RPG genres to create a totally fresh gaming experience.


You embark on an epic 19th century adventure across a variety of exotic locations such as tranquil rural Japan or the perfect-blue waters of the Caribbean.

An intriguing plot will unfold as you complete quests for your personal advisor and trader, Jim, or one of your many sidekicks and generally involve selling specific materials to another character.

Jim also acts as your personal claim administrator and will assist you with unlocking more claim spots and locations so you can earn an increasing amount of treasure.


Your trusty little pet dog, Tracky will join you on your journey and can even play on your behalf when you’re busy and may even find a bonus treasure or two if you’re lucky.

Rounding out the fun is a minigame in which you tap bushes to reveal its contents, which range from bags and chests chock full of treasure or a dangerous bear or snake.

Slot Raiders is available now as a free to play title in the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] so head there to get spinning slots and unearthing treasures right now.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

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