Tyranny Takes Over With Steampunk Wizards’ New Release Dead Hand Drive

Looking for a side of absolute anarchy with your new app game? Well, Steampunk Wizards truly haven’t disappointed with their new release Dead Hand Drive, in which you must embark upon a bloodthirsty journey through a post-apocalyptic land. The one catch is, you’ve got to mow down every one of the walking dead in your path. Good luck!

Available for both Android and iOS platforms for free, the title seems set to be a hit, already garnering 5* reviews on their respective stores. Something tells us it’d be difficult to dislike this zany creation anyway.

With a rock soundtrack, you can rest assured in full game immersion, even if you’re stuck on the tube for half an hour. When you’re not absolutely annihilating zombies, you can go on the hunt for new supplies, find the odd surviving human and unlock yourself some sick new cars.

These unlockable cars have options to soup them up, allowing you to make your own hyper car that will defend you from the pesky undead.


This ain’t one for the faint-hearted and is currently rated PG-12, so play with discretion but, most importantly, enjoy this absolutely bonkers title and obliterate the (lack of) life out of those zombies.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

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