The British Have Invaded World of Tanks Blitz in Its First Major Update

World of Tanks Blitz, the hit iOS and Android tank warfare simulator has received a rather large update courtesy of Wargaming.

Update 1.6 was released on January 21st and is the game’s first major release since launch. It includes a selection of nine iconic British tanks to play with and a new map to blow them up in.


The British line of tanks includes recognisable names such as the Churchill, Black Prince, Conqueror, and the FV214b.

A new map, Castilla, offers the opportunity to ride around new terrain, destroying everything in your path as before but with British weaponry.

World of Tanks Blitz is a mobile adaptation of the PC hit, World of Tanks.

Since launching back in December 2014, the game has been installed on an impressive 5 million iOS and Android devices.

The critics also seem to have taken a shine to it as a Quality Index rating of 8.5 would suggest.

Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to get blowing up tanks for free right now.

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