The App Store’s First 3D Action Card Battler All Star Legion Is Available Now

There are both 3D action RPGs and card battlers in abundance in the App Store but rare is it to find a game that blends the two together – until now.

All Star Legion is the world’s first 3D action RPG card battler and it’s as great as it sounds.

googleplay screenshot 1024-768-2

You’ll collect over thirty heroes that can be trained then summoned into battle with you.

You decide on the timing, combo, and sequence for your hero’s attacks and then sit back and watch the battle unfold.

However, don’t get too comfortable. You’ll need to participate in QTEs to ensure that your attacks are as effective, if not more so, than you intended.

googleplay screenshot 1024-768-4

This will also take place during your enemy’s turn to attack – with QTEs allowing you to, if you’re skilled enough, interrupt and prevent their attacks entirely. That’s no mean feat though.

Each of your heroes have different strengths and weaknesses so are best used against different opponents. It helps to think ahead to sure you’re always using the best hero for the occasion.

When you collect a hero, they’ll have a star rating between one and three. Don’t chuck away the lower starred heroes though because you can eventually evolve every hero into a five star.

All Star Legion is available now in all is unique glory on the App Store and Google Play.

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