Test out Our Sea Legs in Joycity’s New Nautical Strategy Game Oceans & Empires


Is a pirate’s life truly the right one for you? Well you’ll now be able to prove it with developer Joycity’s new strategic MMO Oceans & Empires having just recently been made available for download on all Android and IOS devices.

The real-time nautical adventure is now downloadable worldwide offering everyone the thrill of building up their own 18th century fleet as well as taking part in the game’s various in-depth ocean battles. Whether you prefer trading honestly amongst fellow sea merchants or barrelling your way to victory via trade routes, sea legs will always be required.

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Effortlessly merging together thrilling strategic battles and some of the more slow-paced activities experienced during the great age of 15th – 18th century exploration, trading, plundering, and battling your way to victory and domination is always an ocean breeze in Oceans & Empires. Don’t settle for too long however, you’ll need to resource enough items to survive the various sea creatures and NPC enemies that attempt to block your path.

Command 12 historical fleets of vessels and a dozen different levels of troops across 60 real city locations situated throughout the map, – Oceans & Empires lets you leave no stone unturned. Wherever you are in the world, history’s rich age of exploration awaits in this tactical MMO adventure.


To celebrate Oceans & Empires Thanksgiving Day launch, Joycity have a special event in store where players will be able to hunt down dangerous turkey monsters out on the waves. You can expect to earn some very useful items for banishing these abominations too.

You can also earn yourself an item for faster growth by posting your best decorated ship flags on the official Oceans & Empires Facebook page.


So what are you waiting for? Feel the thirst for adventure now by downloading Oceans & Empires now from either the Google Play or App Store.

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