Tap Titans has now been published by Cheetah Mobile on Google Play

Evil Titans have taken over the world in Tap Titans and only you and your mobile can save it. Get tapping to defeat foes, gather gold, and hire allies.

Tap Titans is beautiful and very simple to pick up and play as all goals can be achieved with a simple tap.

You attack as fast as you tap and earn gold each time you defeat an enemy. Gold can be used to buy more allies, skills, and upgrades.

There’s an achievement system which rewards you with diamonds for performing an action a set number of times, like tapping, using a skill, or earning enough gold. Diamonds are also purchasable and are used to get temporary perks, costumes, or more gold.

Tapping fairies can also earn you bonus gold and diamonds or an aura. These are temporary status effects which can improve your damage, increase your attack speed, or offer gold each tap.

Each tenth Titan will be a tougher boss version. Defeat it and you can progress to the next stage.


You can prestige at level 600, which resets your progress but rewards you with relics. These are used to buy stat-boosting artifacts that vastly speed up your next run through the game.

This can be done multiple times but your achievement progress, costumes, and artifacts will remain each time you reset.

You’ll be hooked before you know it because Tap Titans doesn’t end when you stop playing – you’re always earning gold and progressing.

Tap Titans is out now on the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

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