Take to the Road with OviLex Software’s New Extreme Truck Simulator


It’s never been easier to truck along either alone or with friends with Extreme Truck Simulator, hitting virtual store shelves on the Google Play and App Store this week.

Placing you firmly behind the wheel of some of the world’s most extreme heavy duty industrial goods vehicles, Extreme Truck Simulator boasts over 80 challenging levels across 8 individual game modes.


Easy and intuitive controls will let you experience and feel these extreme trucks the way they are supposed to be felt, whether controlling them across city, dessert, quarry, or mountain. Envision yourself behind a snow plow? Go right ahead! Like the challenge of a construction excavator? This game has you covered.

Whether it’s by towing away ill-placed vehicles, loading goods onto a friend’s lorry in multiplayer, or simply enjoying free ride mode, Extreme Truck Simulator lets you take joy in manning an incredibly detailed range of construction vehicles.


Show off your skills and prove that you’re the best after mastering the game’s easy to pick up tilt steering, on-screen buttons, and touch steering wheel – enjoying some of the most incredibly detailed vehicle interiors found within a simulation game as you do so.

Smooth and realistic physics prevent you from reaching ‘braking’ point whenever operations get tense whilst manning your next cement truck or forklift, but don’t worry – as both automatic and manual transmission options come readily available in Extreme Truck Simulator to help give players better control and an edge.

You can download Extreme Truck Simulator from the App Store and Google Play. Can you dig it?

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

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