Super Kawaii ‘Ninja Spinki Challenges!!’ Comes to Android and App Store


If Flappy Bird ruffled your gaming feathers, this co-developed release by Japanese publishers Obokaidem and .GEARS will have you swooping to your respective app stores for its release on January 26th. Capitalizing on our undying attraction to cuteness, the game features recurring character Spinki, now adorned in a little ninja outfit, just in case you didn’t find him adorable enough beforehand.

Despite the game conveying a seemingly simplistic interface, .GEARS pride themselves in deceptively complex titles with lots of opportunity for level development and progression. However, Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is aimed at both adults and children, meaning players can compete with family members and friends to become the best teeny tiny ninja.

ninja spinki challenges

With Spinki drawn from former .GEARS title Swing Copters, fans can fawn over his new guise through two different modes (with one available to unlock after a few levels of the first). Initially, players are given the option of six different mini-games in the Challenge Mode, which must be unlocked by completing the five stages of each one.

With an array of obstacles and collectibles throughout each challenge, such as fleeing cannon fire and evil spiked balls, or firing weapons at enemies, this game aims to equally thrill and infuriate its players. Whilst the game begins with some incredibly easy levels, the stakes are raised very quickly and only savvy gamers will be able to keep up.

ninja spinki challenges

The aforementioned second element of the game comes with the Endless Mode, where players are pitted against each other across the globe in order to see who can rack up the best score – which we can guarantee isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Available on the App Store and Google Play on January 26th, we’ll be trying not to throw our smartphones through the window at this little Action title.

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