Star Tap for Mobile is a Beautiful Clicker on a Cosmic Scale


Inzen’s first mobile game was an innovative top-down shooter called Dark Dot. It saw you arranging a squad of blobs into formation by drawing a shape on the screen, and then sending this formation into battle, rotating and resizing it at will.

We loved Dark Dot, and we’re excited to reveal that Inzen has just released a follow-up that looks even more imaginative, adorable, and fun.

Star Tap is one of those clicker games that manage to be hyper-addictive despite involving nothing more taxing that prodding the screen as quickly as you can.

You play as Stella, a red-haired woman who takes off in a shuttle to explore and learn about the universe, fulfilling a mysterious promise. The adventure takes her to real planets, galaxies, and constellations.

As you tap you amass units of distance, plunging you deeper into the universe. You’ll also earn the ability to upgrade your shuttle to increase your rate of progress, and build drones to collect resources.

The result is a hyper-addictive feedback loop that taps directly into the pleasure centre of your brain: go fast, unlock new abilities, go faster, unlock even better new abilities, go even faster, and so on.

When you get right down to it, clickers are about exponential growth, and there’s no better place to exponentially grow in than outer space.

We know the gameplay works, because we’ve played lots of clickers before and we love them. But the thing that’s really making us excited to play Star Tap is the visual style and the promise of exploration and mystery.

Star Tap has a gorgeous aesthetic and seems to offer a richer and more nuanced take on the clicker genre than we’ve seen before.

You can play it for yourself right now on Google Play or the App Store.

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