Reap the Benefits of Playing Game of Dice on Facebook Gameroom

After celebrating its recent anniversary Game of Dice fans will be excited to hear that this board-game phenomenon can now be enjoyed on a brand new platform – Facebook Gameroom.

Facebook Gameroom serves to bring mobile titles onto Windows Operating Systems to allow you to experience the game in a whole new way.

Besides the perk of viewing Game of Dice’s improved anime graphics on a full resolution monitor Facebook Gameroom also offers a much more reliable network connection, giving you the chance of hours of joyful gaming without any drops in internet connectivity.


If you’ve been playing the mobile version of Game of Dice you’ll be pleased to hear that you can enjoy playing it on Gameroom just by logging onto Facebook on your mobile too, thanks to the format’s cross-platform feature.

What’s more, JoyCity are celebrating this rather special platform leap with an exciting new event – where 100 lucky winners will pick have the chance to pick up some special in-game items. On top of that a further 30 winners will receive 100 gems and a ★6 Skill card.


All it takes to be one of these winners is to play Game of Dice on Gameroom, share your opinion of the game, and then post a screenshot on your Facebook feed. Simple.

So if you fancy spreading the joy amongst your friends across the world head on over to Facebook Gameroom where you can play Game of Dice right now.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

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