Prevent the Spread of Darkness as Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings Makes Its Way to Mobile Devices


Unleash your legacy as a guardian of the light in Youzu Interactive’s latest fantasy action RPG – Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings. Interested? Great news, the fantastical adventure is free to download now on IOS and Android devices.

Boasting eye-grabbing 3D visuals that takes on the go mobile action to an all new level, it always feels ‘epic’ to indulge in the intuitive hack and slash gameplay presented in Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings. Defending a mythical city from the demons of darkness has never felt (or looked) so good.

legacy of discord

Offering players hundreds of hours’ worth of dazzling loot, epic bosses and endless adventures, Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings makes it evident that ‘one does not simply’ reinstate light and warmth to the world of Aurora without a fight. So, take up arms either as a Bladedancer, Berserker, or Sorceress – each having their own armour sets and abilities.

legacy of discord

Engage in an in-depth story campaign that’s dripping with lore, loot and bosses as you slash, hack, and blast your way through the vibrant fantasy setting of Aurora. Whether in PVP combat against your friends or by fighting alongside them in CO-OP, Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings effortlessly blends touch and swipe gameplay with real-time action.

You’ll be summoning down burning meteors and sending phantom dragons crashing into your enemies in no time, with Guild War challenges always keeping your champion upgraded and ready for more. Progressively challenging in chivalrous fashion, Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings impresses all round from both a content, visual and gameplay perspective.

Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings acts as a great way to tame dragons while on the go, and is available to download on the App Store and Google Play right now.

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