Pixel Federation’s Latest Game Diggy’s Adventure Hits iOS and Android


New from the developer who brought us Seaport, Fable Clinic, and Emporia, comes Pixel Federation’s brand newest mobile app – Diggy’s Adventure.

Launched this week on iOS and Android, Diggy’s Adventure is loaded with excitement and mystery – taking its inspiration from classic games including Minerva, Treasure Isle, Mouse Hunt, and Motherload.


Set in Egypt, you join Diggy and his friends on their quest to find Diggy’s father after he mysteriously disappears.

To find him you’ll have to put your wits to the test and complete in-game challenges put to you by your fellow characters – including the mysterious deities residing in the game – in order to win rewards and points that’ll help you get ever closer to finding Diggy’s poor old MIA dad.

You tunnel through mines to collect useful objects to bring back with you to help with health regeneration and boost your depleting energy levels. When you’re back at base camp you can cook vital ingredients that’ll ensure your survival too, as well as craft new and useful items to aid you in your journey.

diggys adventure

There’s a stack of in game bonuses to enjoy too, such as special events and offers, including the option to decorate and change the theme of your campsite.

Diggy’s Adventure could be your new favourite game if you love a good mobile adventure – and is available to download on the App Store and Google Play now.

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