MU Origin’s 1.6 Update Brings Pvp Across Servers, New Title System, and More


If you haven’t already downloaded Webzen’s free MMORPG MU Origin then now is the perfect time. The new 1.6 update expands and enhances the game in every way.

The main attraction as far as we’re concerned is the ability to get into PvP duels across servers in the new Server Arena, massively increasing your number of potential conquests (and defeats, for that matter).

But the Muren’s Book feature also sounds pretty intriguing. Written into the fabric of this book is a mysterious power that has the potential to inflict total chaos on the world. If you happen to discover this secret before us, please be nice!

The 1.6 update also introduces a nifty Guardian Soul feature, which lets you use up your spare essences by giving them to your Guardian Soul, which in turns gives you effects and buffs to use in combat.

And if you feel like taking a break from multiplayer shenanigans, 1.6 has you covered. Not only does it introduce a new story dungeon, Treasure Cave, but it also features an Endless Tower mode, where you can let off steam killing waves of monsters.

Finally, there’s a new Title system which lets you equip a Title and upgrade your character beyond its limits until the Title is removed.

To help you get to grips with all this new stuff, Webzen will be hosting in-game events all next week (21st – 28th February), and you’ll get stuff like a Superior Fame Badge, a Crusader Title, and various other goodies just for logging in.

You can grab MU Origin right now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

This article is sponsored and is supplied by the Push Your App network.

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