MU Origin Gets New Content for Beginners and Experts in Massive 1.8 Update


Smash hit MMORPG MU Origin has been out for less than a year, but it’s already been treated to a succession of massive game-enhancing updates. And here’s another one in the form of version 1.8, which adds a number of significant new features.

We’ll start with the smallest of them: because it’s summer, there’s now a Swimsuit costume for you to obtain during event periods. How jolly.

Moving on to the meatier stuff, the new Land of Ordeal server boss field takes the form of a 100-player war against five server bosses, which you have to finish in half and hour. There are plenty of items to pick up throughout, but only the player who deals the most damage to the boss monster gets the loot.

The Land of Ordeal event runs twice on Saturdays and twice on Sundays, at 14:30 and 18:30, with registration running from 14:00 to 14:25 and 18:00 to 18:25.

Next up there’s the new Kalutan area, a high-roller zone reserved for warriors with 10 Rebirth so that they can play against similarly elite players from all servers. Underlining just how balla the Kalutan area is, it costs 15,000 Zen to enter.

Our favourite new feature is probably the Domain system, which lets you create and tend to your own little domain. You get four buildings to develop, called the Observatory, the Tower of Battle, the Gate of Ordeal, and the Tower of Magic.

The game gives you a worker for free to develop your buildings, but if you want more you have to pay out diamonds. It might well be worth forking out, though, since you get EXP and various other items and rewards for upgrading your buildings to the max.

There’s plenty in the 1.8 update to challenge experienced players and give them more stuff to do, but there’s also a little something for beginners in the form of the New Warrior event.

This special event lasts a week from registration and gives new players a boost with login rewards, sales, recharge rewards, and manageable goals to achieve.

MU Origin is now a lot easier to get into, so if you haven’t already tried it out now would be a good time. You can download MU Origin for free right now on Google Play [get] and the iOS App Store [get].

This article is sponsored and is supplied by the Push Your App network.

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