Master of Craft Looks to Offer a SNRPG Experience like No Other

Developer Ideabox has released a new title on iOS and Android, and hopes it may be its best yet. The team behind games such as Rainy Day and Plants War, its latest app is genre mix up SNRPG Master of Craft.

A blend of strategy, town builder, and RPG – it tasks you with building up your home patch while fighting off bands of foes as you do so.

Boasting in-depth crafting and battle systems, the game allows you to create up to 270 special gears – which end up being the troops that will help fight off any invaders on your land.

There are several combinations to forge, and a live economy means that you have to pay attention to the current supply and demand if you’re to get the best deal.


Add in the simple yet effective 3D visuals and straightforward tap-led controls and Master of Craft looks to be a game that everyone can jump into a play.

The game has the usual social features you’d expect too – including Facebook function that recommends strangers to play with – but is also integrated with the large K! Games community.

You can download Master of Craft for free on iOS and Android now.

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