Manage a Living, Breathing Environment in Virtual Town

Last Day of Work has just launched Virtual Town, an entirely free management simulation game on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

It challenges you to manage your very own town that lives and breathes in real time. Your citizens will have their own daily routines, the sun will set and rise in sync with the real world, and even the seasons will change.


You’ll start by building and decorating your home (which you can later fill with awesome collectables) before moving onto the town. Your goal here is to make it as beautiful as possible, as that’s they key to enticing new residents to move in.

Then you’ll need to restore the town’s amenities to their former glory, like the Museum which can be filled with rare insects, gems, and species for your residents to enjoy.


You can also adopt your own child and raise it to take over as mayor when you retire. Just like the rest of the game, this is played out in real time, and you can actually watch your child grow.

As you play, you’ll quickly discover that there’s more to your town than meets the eye. The story goes that the previous mayor disappeared, and you can launch an investigation into where he is, and why he left.


On a weekly basis, a Mysterious Traveler also appears in the city, and provides you with capital projects to help grow your town. This helps you unlock beautiful and scenic areas like a cave, lake, and stone circle.

If that all sounds tempting, you can check out Virtual Town from the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore right now or on PC and Windows Mobile later this year.

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