Jigsaw Collection HD Is the Definitive Way to Complete a Jigsaw, and It’s out Now on iPad

Before the days of an utter abundance of entertainment devices littering the household, pockets, faces, and car dashboards, people used to turn to different activities when they were looking for entertainment.

Possibly the most popular of these activities was the jigsaw puzzle. For those who don’t know, they’re basically a scenic photo broken up into hundreds or even thousands of different pieces, with your task being to put those pieces back together.


If you haven’t played one before, now is the time to get that cerebral portion of the brain working. There’s no need to leave the house because now you can get puzzled right on your iPad with Jigsaw Collection HD.

There are over 4000 high-definition pictures, 150 puzzle packs, and ten categories of jigsaw (such as Nature, Animals, Life, and Food) in Jigsaw Collection HD. The puzzle packs come in paid and free variants and MK Jigsaw have worked hard to ensure that there are more free packs than any other jigsaw game on the App Store. Oh, and the paid packs are much cheaper too.

There are interactive packs with featured music and facts and different difficulty levels for all puzzles. That means children young and old will find plenty to keep them occupied here. This is remarkably a first for any jigsaw puzzle game on the App Store. You can also complete multiple puzzles at once, with the game saving your progress from where you left off.


You can upload any of your photos to the app to create your very own jigsaw. It even links up to your Facebook albums which is terrific considering that no other jigsaw app on the App Store does this!

There is a lot of jigsaw competition on the App Store, which makes sense – the iPad is a perfect device for such puzzles. Sergey Kleschenko, Project Manager at MK Jigsaw, believes that the first step to a successful title is to ensure that the game is as user-friendly as possible, as well as include all of the key features that a die-hard jigsaw-er would expect.

Kleschenko said: “The main difficulty was to make a great puzzle game, which will be user-friendly and include all key features of the classic board game at the same time. The solution was quite simple. After releasing the game we just asked our fans about their thoughts and suggestions.

“Most of apps use common notification methods: spam and push notifications. Such methods are not convenient for players and mainly irritate them. That’s why we created own news system, which notify players about major app’s changes within the app. This decision helped our players to be in the know of all our news in more comfortable way.”

“Our support team works hard to deliver exceptional customer service and we pay high attention to our community. We understand what delivers the best customer loyalty so if our users want to get paid puzzle pack, which they most like, and they ask us about it on our Facebook page or by email, we can give gift them this pack. Absolutely free!”

Excellent decisions were the driving force that helped to fine-tune Jigsaw Collection HD into the very best of App Store puzzle games that is today but Kleschenko believes that it was also fan interaction that improved the game considerably.


“We received a great amount of ideas and brought them alive. We still receive a highly helpful feedback and always try to improve the app taking into consideration all fans’ suggestions. For the present time we have a highly responsive community. We realized that there is no important thing for us than the customer opinion. That’s why our each day begins with collecting customer support requests and giving a help.

“Another of those decisions was how the game screen would be laid out so they thought long and hard about which features that a puzzle fan would desire. In many ways this hard work has made Jigsaw Collection HD the definitive way to perform a jigsaw puzzle.

“The game screen is designed in a very convenient way to solve puzzles with both small and large amount of pieces. You can enjoy hours of jigsaw puzzle fun without the mess. There is a special bar on the side, which allows users to sort and organize puzzle pieces in their favorite way. Just move the pieces from the side bar to the main board and solve the puzzle. So the players need an area no larger than their iPad.


“Moreover if they want to start solving a puzzle from the frame, they can tap on the button to show only edge pieces. A Preview and Pause option is easily available on the game screen.”

In terms of what’s currently being developed for this already bountiful title, a Christmas update is just round the corner.

“As for the nearest updates, we’re waiting for the Christmas update. Users will get more Christmas puzzle packs with the beautiful Christmas pictures and more advantageous offers for the packs with the sale price.”


As for future plans, a smart phone version is in the works but the focus will primarily be on getting the game looking and working great on an iPhone 6 Plus.

“We started to create new smartphone jigsaw puzzles game, which will be more user-friendly and adapted for the iPhone 6 Plus.”

Head on over to the App Store [download] to get this delightful puzzle game in time for that Christmas update.

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