Interview: How Gamercal Offers a Unique Way to Keep Your Mobile Gaming Super Streamlined

Mobile titles are becoming more complex, with many hosting special events that are often so numerous that it’s very easy to miss one. When it’s a special exclusive in-game item that can be more than a little inconvenient too. Fortunately …

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Mobile titles are becoming more complex, with many hosting special events that are often so numerous that it’s very easy to miss one. When it’s a special exclusive in-game item that can be more than a little inconvenient too.

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about missing out anymore thanks to the GamerCal app. It helps keeps track of the events that are going on in the games that are important to you.

We talked to the GamerCal development team who talked about how the app works, the challenges involved in its development, and plans for it moving forward.

Can you explain a little about how GamerCal works?

GamerCal is completely free to download and use for Gamers. No gimmicks. All a gamer has to do is choose the games they play from our list, hit track, and presto – they get notifications about all special events going on in that game, for free, forever. They can even sort by the different types of events as well as turning off or on the reminders for the events they care about most. GamerCal helps players optimize their playing time and make sure they never miss an advantageous special event.

What was the thinking in creating an app like GamerCal?

Honestly, as a gamer myself, I found that I was routinely missing out on special events or those small windows of time I needed to play in order to accumulate the resources I needed to advance. Most of the games won’t alert you when these types of special events are going on, and I kept seeing other users complaining they were missing the same things in the in-game chatroom. “Wouldn’t it be great if I had an app to remind me and show everything happening each day across all the different games I play?” and, with feedback from fellow gamers, GamerCal was born.

What does GamerCal offer that no other app does?

GamerCal is the first of its kind so really everything about it is unique. It was designed by gamers for gamers to fill a void and provide a free service to help everyone enjoy their favorite games even more.

What challenges did you face during development of the app, and how did you overcome them?

As design and programming was going on, we were exploring forums, blogs, and in-game chatrooms to really get a feel for what our fellow gamers needed. We were constantly redesigning and adding features as we saw new issues come up across the global gaming community. That was really the biggest challenge – building a finished product that we felt met all of our audience’s needs. We feel we have finally done that and look forward to the community’s feedback in order to continually improve GamerCal and making it an indispensable tool for gamers everywhere! Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you (you can email GamerCal [email protected]).

Which part of the app are you personally the most proud of, and why?

I have two favorite parts, which I know is cheating because your question is about one, but I feel they are both going to be hugely helpful for the gaming community. The first is the Daily View. In GamerCal, a gamer who is tracking multiple games, can see all the events going on across all of them and their start and end times throughout the day. It really helps them visualize the times of the day they have events they care about and to plan out their playing time. Gamers can also choose any future date to see the events they have going on that date, and plan accordingly. (Screenshot?) The 2nd feature I love is how GamerCal automatically converts every events start and end time to the user’s currently geographic time zone. Many of you reading this, know that game developers publish their events in whatever time zone they’re based in. It can be difficult to figure out when your events really start if you have to calculate the difference between Eastern US, Pacific US, China Standard, Korean time, etc. Instead, GamerCal automatically does these conversions for you so you know exactly when your events are starting wherever you are in the world!

What tips do you have for people using GamerCal for the first time?

Every new user is guided through a quick tutorial to show you how to start tracking all your favorite games. There is also a FAQs section built into GamerCal to help answer any questions that might arise. Really though, GamerCal was designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. Another piece of advice is share with us. Good or bad, bring it on. We designed GamerCal for you all and we want any feedback you have to help out the gaming community. Hit us up via email or Facebook! Slide into our DMs! You see where I’m going with this.

How can people get a game added to the app?

There is actually a feature in the Settings area of GamerCal for users to submit their favorite games as suggestions for us to add. If the game has special events and players we think we could help, we’ll add it that same day!

What did the recent update add to the app?

We worked to make it as user friendly and easy to navigate as possible. Layout changes and new features were added to make the gamer’s experience as simple as possible. We also added an awesome feature that now allows gamers to quickly download new games from the App Store. We are finding that gamers are using GamerCal as a source for finding other games to play that are similar to the ones they already love. We basically have a giant menu of games, many of which are new to gamers. Now our users can quickly navigate to the App Store and check out new awesome games with just one tap.

Are you encouraging mobile games to partner up with GamerCal?

Yes! We are partnering with streamers to create custom calendars their followers can track in GamerCal, making sure that the followers know exactly when their favorite streamers are going to broadcast and get in on the action. We are also partnering with game developers to feature their games and highlight special upcoming games. Could attract inbound inquiries.

GamerCal is also providing unique opportunities for influencers and game developers to promote themselves and engage their audiences – just get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn more.

Do you have anything planned in terms of any future updates for the app, and if so, can you give us any details of what these might include?

We are planning to add new games regularly for our gamers to track, as well as the capability to translate GamerCal into other languages to help our international gamers. Also, as I said before, we are always looking for feedback from our community so if there is a feature you want, just tell us! If it’s a good idea, odds are we’ll build it for you.

What are your current plans to bring the app to other formats?

We of course have plans to expand to Android and other systems outside of iOS as we grow. Show your support and we’ll make it happen. Happy gaming!

You can download GamerCal completely free from the App Store right now.

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