Immersive Puzzler Sender Unknown: The Woods Is the Next Leap Forward in Mobile


To most people, mobile gaming means 2048, Candy Crush Saga, and Angry Birds – casual, throwaway titles to fidget with at the back of the bus or on the toilet while there’s nothing more productive to do.

But the mobile phone is actually a hotbed of game design innovation, and some of the most exciting and novel games of the last few years have been made specifically for the little touchscreen miracle in your pocket. Take Her Story. Take Papa Sangre. Take Device 6.

And now, take Sender Unknown: The Woods, a new mystery horror game from the pen of acclaimed author Lisa Brunette.

It starts with the already unsettling premise that you’ve been contacted by a stranger on your mobile phone.

A wayward text message connects you with Morgan, who, you learn, is lost in the woods surrounding the Ozark mountain range. If you choose to respond, you’ll be drawn into her predicament and enlisted as a helper.

Morgan is accompanied by three friends, but their relationship is under strain. This probably has something to do with the fact that they’re all lost in a mountain range, but the additional presence of a madman who is trying to kill them all is no doubt making it even harder for them all to get along.

You have to help solve the puzzles Morgan and friends encounter in the woods, and makes choices for them whenever they’re faced with a dilemma.

The choices you make will have profound repercussions in the story, determining who lives, who dies, and who’s still talking to whom at the end of it all. The game collects stats on your performance throughout the adventure, so you can see how you’re doing in precise detail.

By letting you peer into the game’s creepy world by doing something as ordinary as sending a text message, Sender Unknown: The Woods promises to be an settling and immersive experience.

You can see for yourself by downloading it on Google Play and the App Store now.

This article is sponsored and is supplied by the Push Your App network.

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