Hunt for Hidden Objects in Seekers’ Notes: Hidden Mystery


Strap yourself in for the spookiest event of the year – as Seekers’ Notes: Hidden Mystery’s newest update is finally here.

Welcome to Darkwood – a city that’s shrouded in mystery, riddled with secrets, and just so happens to be burdened with a dark curse.  But while its citizens are trapped within its borders, they all seem rather unwilling to disclose the secrets of its shadowy past that could just be the key to breaking the curse, and freeing them all.

seekers' notes

But that’s where you come in. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break the dreaded curse and free the people of Darkwood, by embarking on a thrilling adventure full of testing trails and problematic puzzles.

You’ll have to hunt for hidden objects that’ll help you to get ever closer to unlocking Darkwood’s secrets in 28 equally mysterious locations, completing tasks and solving puzzles to earn you rewards as you go.

While the original title was released in July last year, the new Halloween update manages to breathe a new lease of life into the game. Now all you lucky gamers will get the chance to explore the new “dark square” location, and even get the chance to win yourself a special holiday casket that’s filled with goodies like Halloween avatars, stickers, and energy restoring talismans.

Just make sure you’re on your guard, as the night of Halloween eve grants the monsters of Darkwood special powers, so be on the look-out for special items to help you banish them – but remember, you’ll need a different item for every monster you encounter.

With so mucseekers' notesh to look forward to including over 1,200 quests to take park in, 222 amazing collections and regular free updates – Seekers’ Notes: Hidden Mystery could be right up your street if you’re ready for your next adventure.

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