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If brain-twisting puzzle titles with catchy soundtracks and a slick aesthetic are right up your alley, ZPlay’s new release is the one for you. Incorporating a simple premise with a beautifully laid out actuality, the game is a must-play for gamers of all generations.

The developer and publisher, ZPlay, have truly put their own stamp on the mobile gaming industry, attracting over 400 million players since their beginning in 2010. With an array of top 10 rankings up their sleeve, players can be sure they’re getting a quality release.

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The general gist of Inner Circle is that players must strive to align the two circles together with their colours matching, before the two collide. To achieve this, players must tap the screen repeatedly to ensure that the colour align as they travel towards its centre, then swipe to speed up the process and consequently, earn more points.

Due to this easy-to-grasp idea, the game opens itself up to a wide audience, young and old, as it encapsulates the simplicity of a traditional puzzle game with a souped-up look and sound.

With a huge number of levels to get through – around 250 – the game is a sure-fire hit with any veteran puzzle players and offers ample entertainment for players on the go.

Two exciting features of the game include a night-mode that allows players to alter the colour scheme of the game to suit differing lighting situations, and an Arcade mode that opens up the game to indefinite levels, allowing players to plough through to their heart’s content.

Available now for iOS devices.

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