Grab Outcast Odyssey, a Card Battler with Dungeon Crawler Elements, Worldwide Now

For those of you who are yet to play it, Outcast Odyssey is a rather interesting iPhone, iPad, and soon-to-be Android title from developers Magic Pixel Games and Bandai Namco Games America.

Interesting how? Well, it takes the best features of dungeon crawler games and mashes them together with the best features of the card battler genre to create a fast-paced adventure title that’s full of monsters and magic.


Set in a colourful fantasy world, Outcast Odyssey tasks you with exploring your surroundings, collecting treasures and uncovering monsters along the way.

The monsters that you come up against can be defeated in RPG-like battles using the hundreds of hand-drawn (by acclaimed artists like Chuck Pires & Warren Louw) cards that you can collect as you work your way through the game.


Like most collectible card games, Outcast Odyssey allows you to enhance and even evolve the cards that you own in order to make them more powerful.

Outcast Odyssey features a competitive PvP mode, so you won’t just be battling monsters. You’ll be duking it out with other players from around the globe too. You can even earn weekly prizes for being the most powerful outcast in the realm.


Furthermore, you can create and join your very own guilds with other players if that’s your cup of tea, and battle outcasts from opposing guilds in the game’s arena for ‘great rewards’.

Outcast Odyssey is now available for download worldwide on iOS, so be sure to grab it for free for your iPhone and iPad [download]. It’ll be available for your Android-powered smartphones and tablets soon.

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