Get your craft box out for innovative mobile puzzler Escape Team

With hundreds of new mobile games hitting Google Play and the App Store every week, it can be a challenge finding new ideas – let alone coming up with them. Developer Hemmert UG has definitely cracked it with Escape Team, the most original concept we’ve come across in years.

Escape Team is a social puzzle game that you play with up to three friends. You’ll need a phone, of course, but you’ll also need scissors, paper, sellotape, something to write with, and various other bits and bobs.

Plus a printer. To play Escape Team you need to print out a scenario, like a spy receiving an intriguing cache of coded documents. These printouts contain instructions, as well as the raw materials of your quests. Using these, plus your teammates, plus your phone, you need to solve puzzles within a time limit.

This means making use of every ounce of brainpower in your head. Escape Team calls for logical thinking, creativity, and a certain amount of dexterity. One minute you’ll be tapping out morse code messages into your phone, and the next you’ll be cutting up scraps of paper and rearranging them to make words, or frantically solving a maze against the clock, with your teammates (unhelpfully) cheering you on.

Escape Team is clearly a great idea, leveraging the awesome power of your mobile phone in a creative, modern take on tabletop boardgaming. There’s something about the physicality of it that should really appeal to anybody who likes to play games with others.

It’s free to download, and you get the training missions and Mission 1: Central Station included for nothing. The other four missions will cost you 99c each, which sounds very reasonable to us.

Grab Escape Team for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.

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