Get Hooked to Your Wrist When Trivia Crack Launches on Apple Watch

Etermax has announced that its highly popular quiz app, Trivia Crack, is coming to a wrist near you via the Apple Watch.

Apple itself has chosen Trivia Crack to be a launch title for the new platform after being impressed by the app’s performance in the App Store – that’s quite the compliment.

Trivia Crack keeps things simple – which makes it ideal for the admittedly limited screen space available to the Apple Watch.

You play against a friend or stranger in one of the six categories of science, entertainment, art, geography, sports, and history.


One of you goes first and is presented with a question and a set of answers. You tap on the (hopefully) correct one and then wait for your opponent to answer their question.

The winner is the person who answers the most questions correctly during that round, and receives the character associated with the category to add to their collection.

You’ll never have to take your iPhone out of your pocket again when Trivia Crack launches on the Apple Watch, as it will be available on all three models.

Trivia Crack has been downloaded by over 140 million players since launch and holds the top spot in the App Store charts in around 25 countries, including Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

It’s available entirely for free in the App Store [download], Google Play [download], Windows Phone Store [download], and the Amazon App Store [download].

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

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