Find Gummy Elephants Before Your Friends in Jelly Blast’s New Weekly Competition

The sugar-filled match three puzzler, Jelly Blast, has received an update that adds new modes, sweets, and a weekly competition to the game.

Jelly Blast is a match three puzzler in which you have to help out Alicia who is desperately trying to stop an evil witch from destroying the kingdom by popping jellies to scare her away.

There are over 400 challenging levels to do this in and over 20 different game modes which add a bit of variety to the flavour. There are plenty of side quests, dungeons, and weekly competitions to keep you busy in between levels as well.

Update 1.9.0 adds even more content to the mix, like a new weekly competition that challenges you to find all of the gummy elephants before your friends do.

There are new game modes as well, like Jelly Gorgers which tasks you with collecting the little fiends who will help you defeat the witch and Bubble Gum, in which you create and pop bubbles.


Rounding out these new modes is Jam Mode and Pale Clover, the former of which tasks you with popping jellies to fill the level with jam while the latter is all about dyeing and collecting clovers.

If you like what you’ve just read, head on over to the App Store or Google Play to download Jelly Blast right now for free.

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