Find Da Vinci in the Gorgeous Puzzler the House of Da Vinci, Out Now for Android


Leonardo Da Vinci has gone missing. And it’s up to you, his most promising assistant, to try and find out where he’s gone. That’s the plot of The House of Da Vinci, which has just come out for Android. And we reckon it’s well worth a look.

This is a game that’s all about solving puzzles. But we’re not talking Candy Crush here. Instead the game plays out in first person. You’re manipulating a variety of objects, pulling levers and moving switches, in order to discover the secrets that are hidden within.

The game is set during the renaissance, deep within Da Vinci’s workshop. So you can expect to be poking and prodding war machines, fantastic inventions, and all manner of other super-interesting contraptions.

It’s not just the puzzles that are going to keep you coming back for more though. There’s a deep and intriguing story here, and it’s the sort of experience that pushes you to find out what on earth is going on, and what’s going to happen next.

The items at your disposal include a special gauntlet. This lets you glimpse into the past. It’s key to figuring out some puzzles, but it’ll also show you snippets of what has happened to your master. Piece these together and find out where the great man has gone.

If that wasn’t enough, the graphics here are pretty astounding. This is definitely the sort of game that people are going to watch you play over your shoulder. And quite frankly, who can blame them?

The House of Da Vinci is a premium app, and you can grab it right this second from the Google Play Store. If you’re a fan of puzzles, the past, and deep and distracting mobile gaming, then you should definitely get this one bought sooner rather than later.

This article is sponsored and is supplied by the Push Your App network.

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