Embark on VC Mobile’s Creature Quest, Free to Download on iOS and Android


Legendary game designer Jon Van Caneghem, creator of the Heroes of Might & Magic strategy & RPG series, is back with Creature Quest, the new creature collection game where RPG mechanics meet turn-based strategy. Launching globally on both iOS and Android, the game is free to play from today.

Challenging you with numerous randomised quests to overcome and dungeons to conquer, Creature Quest lets you to explore and do battle in creature-collecting adventures that aim to appeal to RPG newcomers as well as genre veterans. Over 500 unique fantasy Creatures are waiting for you to evolve and upgrade, so embrace the adventurer inside of you.

creature quest

Begin your quest with a group of five fantastical creatures before building up your creature collection into a formidable team even the most powerful of foes would shy away from, upgrading and evolving as you do so. Engage in PVP battles against friends, traverse infinitely explorable landscapes, and tackle timed daily events. All will reward you with treasure, gems and tokens fit for a king.

The turn-based battles at the heart of Creature Quest make a point of providing players with challenge as well as fun, with plenty of elements to discover and overcome in strategy gameplay that will have you itching for just one more turn.

creature quest

You don’t have to wait to start cultivating the ultimate Creature collection. Creature Quest is now available from the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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