Eldrian Legacy Now Available for Android and iOS Systems


If you missed the pre-register period, sucks to be you: JoyCity’s latest RPG release, Eldrian Legacy, is now available through Google Play and the App Store.  Those of you who got the memo and were sure to cash in on the rewards of 600 diamonds, 20,000 gold and 50 energy must now login to the title within 7 days of its release, or you’ll miss out!

To succeed in the game, you must opt for one of the 37 playable characters, who fall under one of 6 different elements. Said elements sculpt their strengths and special powers, and it’s up to you to work out how best to pair them together within your team. Some characteristics will be complementary to another element, whereas others may work to your detriment.

Get your teeth stuck into one of three gameplay modes: Tower of Souls, Adventure and Battlefield of Glory, all of which come with their own special set of features. All the while, through these various modes, you must strive to collect Soul Stone to level up your team.

So, what’re you waiting for? Catch this release on either the App Store or Google Play now.

eldrian legacy

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