Defeat Rival Factions and Create a Glorious Empire in Rise of Rome

If historic simulation games are your cup of tea, Rise of Rome may be for you.

Rise of Rome allows you to become the leader of one of three factions (Julius Caesar, Scipio Africanus, Marcus Junius Brutus), and tasks you with building a glorious and prosperous empire that can compete against your rivals.


Your aim, then, is to defeat other empires in battle, and steal their resources so you can expand your city, army, and influence.

As you’ve probably already guessed, there are various ways to customise your army in Rise of Rome. You can choose from over 72 different classes of soldier (like elephants and stone throwers), for example, and there are also eight unique battle formations to choose from.

There’s also a ‘corps system’that allows you to form alliances with other lords from the same faction. You can even share information with them.

RNTS Media plans to add more content to Rise of Rome. In fact, and a forthcoming update (which will likely be released in October) will introduce a brand-new coliseum that will house high-ranking items.


If all of the above sounds great to you, grab Rise of Rome from the App Store or Google Play. It’s free, after all.

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