Defeat Enemies and Power up Your Character in Action-RPG Arcane Soul

Arcane Soul is a new 2D action-packed fantasy role-playing game from developer mSeed.

Your aim in this slash-‘em-up is simple: choose one of the game’s three playable characters (Luke and Ellisa who wield swords and magic with equal skill and Lith who wields dual daggers) and traverse forests and dungeons slaying a variety of enemies and bosses along the way.

Like most role-playing titles, Arcane Soul rewards you with stat points as you defeat enemies, loot treasures, and progress through the game. You you can use these points to develop your characters strength and skills based on your preferred play style.

There are 47 different skills for your character to learn, you see, as well as 45 different attack- and armour-enhancing items to find along your journey.


Arcane Soul features several modes of play, including Easy and Hard modes, and a Survival mode that tasks you with staying alive for as long as possible.

You can download Arcane Soul (which features GamePad support) from the App Store and Google Play right now. It’s free, so what do you have to lose?

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