Create Your Own Great Widgets with Photolink, out for iPhone Right Now

By Marc Hewitt |


Ever wanted to add a widget to your notifications drawer that lets you keep track of the information that’s important to you? Well Photolink is going to be the app for you then. It’s slick, it’s polished, and you can grab it from the App Store right now.

The app lets you use your own photos in widgets, adding an extra layer of customisation to your iPhone. Want to keep that gallery of your friends close to hand? Photolink lets you do that.

It’s not just about friends and relations though. Got some notes you know you’re going to have to keep checking? Well add them to the widget and they’re always going to be just a swipe and a tap away.

Want more? Well, how about connecting your widgets to your favourite websites. There are a couple of ways you can do that. First you can create bookmarks. These will let you quickly jump to your most-used sites, even if you’re offline, thanks to a caching system.

Secondly, you can basically create your own news feeds. Connect the widget to a website and it’ll update automatically when any new content goes live. You can keep track of the weather, stocks and shares, or even the news that’s going on in the world.

Everything here is simple and elegant to use. You can quickly resize your images to fit them perfectly into the widget, and there’s even more to discover as you get more used to the ins and outs of the app.

Best of all, it’s free. You can grab an ad-supported version from the App Store right now. Buy a couple of IAPs and you’ll be able to get rid of the ads, as well as adding multiple widgets to your notifications drawer. There’s so much to like in Photolink, we reckon you’d be a bit silly not to.

You can download Photolink on iOS now.

This article is sponsored and is supplied by the Push Your App network.

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