Crab War Scuttles on to the App Store, Google Play


If you’re looking for an epic clicker with a great story, fantastic art and evil bad guys that you just can’t wait to destroy, Crab War will not disappoint you.

For centuries crabs have hidden, scared of the reptiles above that terrorized their homes and attempted to wipe out their species.


Crystal radiation has brought you back stronger and more determined. Tap your way back home and destroy the enemy on the Crab War App.

This game is jam packed full of exciting, personalized game play, making it much more exciting than the average clicker game.

It includes more than 80 beautifully designed crabs, 30 ruthless crab queens and heaps of powerful abilities and talents, plus 50 uniquely dangerous bosses, including the infamous Wildebeast.

There is an enormous amount of customization paths to choose from. Each new evolution path adds something different to your swarm. Whether you need to sharpen your claws or add dynamic attacks, the skills you choose can either contribute to your success or completely crush the enemy.

You’re rooting for the crabby little guys, but that’s not the only reason you’re fighting your way through the giant bosses. Each level rewards you with point and offers more customization game play and crazy characters.


Slay the boss and reclaim your home along with precious gems and artifacts the reptiles greedily gobbled down all those years ago.

The game controls are simple, the game is fun, and we guarantee you’ll love the artwork. Who couldn’t relate to a quirky, deity of sea dwellers with big hearts, who just want their home back? Give it a go, it’s available to download now.

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