Catch Mystic Castle on Android from May 19

For lovers of fantasy text-based RPGs, Mystic Castle’s Google Play release should be right up your street. Previously available through the App Store, the title will now be available free for Android on May 19. iOS users looking to give the game a whirl can also pick it up free for one week, commencing 20 May.

The game unfolds in a creepy dungeon, where you find yourself working as an alchemist, battling a veritable array of creatures along the way. When you’re not battling creepers, the main idea of the game is to create your own underground city and watch it flourish. This is achieved through a series of random ‘events’ encountered along the way, including financial deals with barterers, and skill improvement with the help of travellers.

With an impressive sum of 500 areas to explore across 10 maps, it’s unlikely that you’ll run out of things to unearth on Mystic Castle. However, if you do find yourself truly, madly, deeply entrenched in the game, you’ll find a selection of IAP expansion packs at your disposal. A perfect set-up for those who want a non-committal experience; the game doesn’t call for incessant log-ins and resources will replenish out of play.

iOS users will be happy to discover a new update for their platform, which takes the guise of two new areas: the Dark Rift and Eternal Arena. The former takes the form of a maze landscape, from which you must escape whilst battling an onslaught of enemies, whilst the Eternal Arena tests your strengths through the heights of a laborious trial tower.

With a current rating of 4.5+ on the App Store, we suggest you give this one a gander.

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