Bus Simulator 17 is Parked on Google Play and the App Store, Running on Time


The best thing about driving a bus is the sense of satisfaction you get from finishing your route efficiently and mastering the tricky controls. The worst thing is the sense of despair you get from smelly passengers and not being able to take a toilet break when you want to.

Thankfully, Bus Simulator 17 lets you enjoy the pros of being a bus driver without having to deal with the cons, giving you potentially infinite hours of quiet, fuss-free bus driving in the comfort of your own sweet-smelling home.

Bus Simulator 17 sees you collecting and dropping off passengers in a number of faithfully rendered virtual environments, including city centres, industrial quarters, and the great outdoors in its many forms, from mountain to desert.

Naturally, you have a variety of different types of bus to master, including double-decker, coach, school bus, and the super-tricky articulated ‘bendy’ bus.

And on these buses you’re in control of absolutely everything. You have to open and close the doors, keep an eye on the mirrors, and if you’re feeling brave you can even learn how drive using manual gears.

Outside your bus, developer Ovidiu Pop promises traffic with sophisticated AI and realistic physics. The other vehicles on the road will stop at red lights, wait their turn at intersections, and even indicate.

If the life of a bus driver seems a little bit restricted to you, you’ll be relieved to learn that Bus Simulator 17 lets you cut loose in Free Ride mode, or even create your own route, putting aside the cloying demands of your passengers and choosing a path that maximizes your own driving pleasure instead.

Bus Simulator 17 is the most comprehensive entry in the Bus Simulator franchise yet, with accurate vehicle models, three control options, authentic weather effects, detailed interiors, competitive multiplayer functionality, and realistic vehicle damage (just don’t let your virtual boss see this last one.)

You can grab Bus Simulator 17 on Google Play [get] and the App Store [get] for free right now.

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