Battleplans Now Available on Google Play as Well as App Store


This month, En Masse Entertainment are set to release the Android version of their popular real-time strategy title, Battleplans. The game focuses on bringing the often-overlooked genre to a wider audience, with slick graphics and an easy-to-grasp premise.

By focusing less on more traditional elements of the real-time strategy genre, such as resource grinding and base building and, instead, turning to unique touch screen tactical movement and unit positioning. Enter the element of real-time and players can work to control units with precision, live with opponents worldwide.

Battleplans - 02

Split into two main phases, the game opens itself up for hours of entertainment. The predominant phase, ‘Skulls’, revolves around seeing players construct strategic manoeuvres through an array of different heroes with their own individual special abilities.

To succeed, players must strive to undermine their opponent’s attacks within the set time frame. If they find they’re not progressing as hoped, gameplay reviews come part and parcel with the playback feature.

Available, for free, from Google Play on June 30th, Battleplans comes jam-packed with new content, upgrades and a brand new hero: Taigar the Huntress.

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