Azzl Is a Cartoon Puzzler like You’ve Never Seen Before, out Now on iOS

AZZL is a cartoon puzzler like you’ve never seen before in which you have to complete a variety of different animated puzzles.

This isn’t your average puzzler though. Here you’ll need to tap, swipe, move, and rotate different animated puzzle shapes like squares, zigzags, waves, hexagons, triangles, circles, and many more to make whole a distorted cartoon image.

There’s an entire map to explore as well, and each has its own game mechanics, quirky characters, and puzzles. If you can complete them all you’ll be transported to an even more incredible secret world.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and wouldn’t feel out of place in a Disney or Pixar film.

With just under 100 humorous and tear jerking stories to complete and a load of secrets to uncover on the journey, AZZL is sure to keep you busy for the foreseeable future.


Oh, and you don’t have to worry about any nasty IAPs because AZZL has none of them. It’s an entirely premium product and all the better for it.

You can get AZZL right now from the App Store [download].

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