Auto-run Through 10 Levels Straight Without Dying in Cliffy Jump

Cliffy Jump is an endless runner which challenges you to complete all 10 levels straight without dying or your progress will be reset.

Each stage is brief and features a different voxel environment and music so it’s unlikely that you’ll get bored of the stage or frustrated about having to start over.

Stage 9

There are a variety of obstacles and traps to leap over and avoid in each stage as well so you’ll need to play through a few times until you know what you’re up against.

There are 61 different characters to collect, 51 of which can be unlocked by participating in the in-game lottery or as an IAP, while the remaining 10 can only be earned by playing the game.

Cliffy Jump is suitable for all ages and is perfect to play with friends or your kids, challenging them to complete all 10 levels before you an.

Head on over to Google Play [download] to get Cliffy Jump right now.

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