AstroNest Is a Deep Space-based Strategy Game with a Detailed Scenario and PVP

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If you’re a lover of strategy games and you’re always on the lookout for a title to sink your teeth into, you may want to check out AstroNest, which is now available to download worldwide for your iPhone and iPad.

Fire up AstroNest for the first time, and you’ll be given the choice of two factions: The Federation of Terra and The Alliance of Neos – both of which have unique bonuses. Choose Terra, and you’ll receive increased gold income and fleet production, for example, whereas Neos offers better mineral production and research.


AstroNest is a game all about war. Your aim in it is to strengthen your nation and prepare them for battle against opposing nations, who are vying for Cosments – a prosperous element that calls your universe home.

Strategy is a big focus here. Don’t expect to last very long in battle if you don’t spend some time thinking about upgrades and expansions and any other measures that will keep you one step ahead of your opponents, such as research.


You can research brand-new beam and missile weapons for your aircrafts, for instance, and work on new engines and armour plating to give yourself the edge in battle. You even have the option to develop new fleet formations and enhance your current tech to make it stronger.

As you progress through the game, you’ll also be required to upgrade your residential buildings and facilities like your energy plants. Don’t forget to recruit heroes to take up positions within your community either – they are needed for roles like fleet captain.

Reach Level 10 in AstroNest, and you’ll open and entirely new area of the game called War. This section grants you the ability to compete against other real players from around the globe for control of your universe. At Level 30, you’ll unlock a Raid mode too.

According to current players who’ve provided feedback to the game’s developer, they love AstroNest’s sci-fi graphics and detailed scenario, as well as its dynamic strategy gameplay


You can download AstroNest and form your own opinion right now – just head on over to the App Store [download]. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose.

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