Archer Class Introduced in Latest Arcane Online Update


Developed by PlayWorks and published by Gala Inc., Arcane Online is a fantasy MMO for Android and iOS. Whilst it doesn’t re-invent the wheel, it does stay true to a much-loved formula, and this latest update will keep players interested.

In Arcane Online, you’re the hero who has to save the land of Eldine from creatures of the underworld. Fighting alongside other players, you can complete quests, join guilds, level up and scour the world for loot. Play as a warrior, mage or shaman – each has different skill sets and abilities, so experiment to see which suits your play style. Is your mood more Gladiator than Gandalf? Either way Arcane Online has you covered.


The latest update introduces a new character class to the mix – the archer, relying on ranged physical attacks for the bulk of their offense. You can loose arrows at whatever comes your way.

And as a baptism of fire, why not test your archer out in the new guild vs. guild event Dominion Wars? You fight with allies against rival guilds in 20v20 battles, seeking to win control of six territories on the map. There are tower’s to destroy, minions to slay and two bosses to overcome, if you think your guild is tough enough.


There’s also the addition of a buddy system, giving you the chance to summon battlefield companions. There are 28 possible pals to collect and raise, including gargoyles, raccoons, roosters and more. The buddies have different passive and active skills that can boost your ability in battle. You can even customise them with pet names – cute!

If all that brand new content has got you reaching for your chainmail, you can download Arcane Online for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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