Anticipated Mobile Sports Game Shot Online Golf: World Championship Sees Launch in Canada

Golf is a great game, but it requires an incredible amount of effort. Not only do you have to buy and store an expensive set of unwieldy clubs, but every time you play a round you have to lug your clubs to a golf course and fork out the exorbitant cost of entry.

That’s why videogame golf is so great. It’s cheaper than the real thing, easier to play, and you can visit as many courses as you like from the comfort of your own living room. Plus, you’ll always be able to find an opponent.

Shot Online is the ultimate online golf experience. Released way back in 2004 by Korean developer Webzen, it’s one of the first (and best) games of its kind, allowing players across the world to tee off and level up together on real and fictional courses.

And now it’s on mobile. Shot Online Golf: World Championship is everything that’s great about the PC version, but on your smartphone or tablet.

The game allows for deep customisation and enhancement, so along with the action on the fairway there’s levelling up, unlocking new skills, acquiring outfits and clubs, and much more. By honing particular skills and unlocking particular clubs, you can build the whole experience around your own golfing style.

You gain titles by completing missions, and the Academy lets you do quests and training exercises to get you ready for the main event: multiplayer.

Here you’ll go up against other players in various events, including longest drive, nearest, and putting competitions. Betting Challenge mode even allows you to gamble in-game cash. You can bet on the outcome of 1v1 matches, and if you beat your opponent you receive double the amount of your wager. Nice!

Shot Online Golf: World Championship had a closed beta earlier this year, and following that, Webzen has added new features and made other improvements.     The game is now available in Canada, so if you live there or have access to a Canadian Google Play account, you can download it at your leisure.

Otherwise, you won’t have long to wait. Shot Online Golf: World Championship will be available worldwide next year.

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