6 Reasons that Paramon Clash: Evolution is Better than Pokemon


When you first look at Paramon Clash: Evolution, a few things will strike you. It’s bright, it’s full of excellent art, and it bears a passing resemblance to the Pokemon series.

But don’t you go around telling people that this is a cheap knock off. Far from it. Paramon Clash: Evolution actually brings a good deal to the table that Pokemon does not.

It’s those new ideas and different ways of doing things that really make the game stand out. And if you were wondering what those ways and ideas are, well wonder no more. Because there’s a list of them just below the end of this paragraph.

1. It’s a mobile game

And that means you can play it wherever you go, without having to carry a handheld console around with you. Paramon Clash: Evolution is the perfect size and shape to get some play in during your downtimes. It can turn a bathroom break into an epic battle between enormous creatures, or a tea break into an incredible adventure through a magical maze. And all while people think you’re checking your emails.

2. There’s so much to do

This is a game that throws you new experiences whenever it can. It’s not just about completing the main quest like in Pokemon. Instead you’re engaging in time-sensitive events, tackling tougher versions of levels you’ve already completed, and delving into secret spaces to try and find the rarest of Paramon.

3. Those monsters though, yeah?

While the monsters in Pokemon may have become iconic, there’s something special and novel about the creatures you’re catching in Paramon Clash: Evolution. Some of the later forms they evolve into are resoundingly awesome, and you’ll want to keep pushing on in the game to see how they’ll turn out. Plus, everything is presented in a brilliant art style that’s going to leave a smile on your face.

4. Playing with friends

There’s a lot of content in Paramon Clash: Evolution that has a real social feel to it. There are hubs full of other players, a PvP mode, and clans you can start in order to gain extra rewards and look after other players. It’s a far cry from the far more singular game experience that you’re going to get in a Pokemon game.

5. It won’t cost you anything

You’re going to have to chuck down a good lump of cash if you want to play the latest Pokemon game. Paramon Clash: Evolution, on the other hand, won’t cost you a thing. And since you’re playing it on your mobile phone, a device you almost certainly already own, you’re not going to have to cough up for a new bit of electrical kit either. It makes a lot of monetary sense when you think about it.

6. It’s a lot more welcoming

Coming to a Pokemon game as a newbie can be a pretty daunting experience. There’s a lot to learn, a lot to understand, and a lot to grasp. Paramon Clash: Evolution lets you get into the battling with hardly any tutorial. A few taps and you’re throwing magical creatures into one-on-one battles to the KO. What’s not to like about that?

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