Zombie Typomaniac Review

Zombie Typomaniac is an addicting HTML5 game that challenges players to kill advancing zombies while improving their typing

Zombie Typomaniac is probably the only game on Facebook that uses creepy zombies to teach you a valuable skill. In this HTML5 game, a multitude of zombies advance toward you with words over their heads. Typing the word will kill the associated zombie, saving you from potentially losing that round. The game gets extraordinarily fast paced depending how good you are at typing on the keyboard, and I found it to be strangely compelling and addicting.

When you first begin playing Zombie Typomaniac, the game will give you one test round so that it can determine how good of a typist you are. After that, you begin going through the levels that grow incrementally harder with each one you beat. Initially, each zombie only has one word attached to them and the zombies advance at a slow, easy pace. As you progress through the levels, more difficult types of zombies begin to spawn that require you to enter multiple words to kill them. In addition, there are special boosts that spawn within the level that have to be picked up quickly by typing the correct word. Some of these boosts will destroy multiple zombies at once or give you health that prevents you from dying.

Zombie Typomaniac

If you are not the speediest typist in the world, the zombies will eventually start to pile up on you. When this happens, the words you did not type in time are stacked on top of the avatar you created prior to starting your level. These words reduce your hitpoints until your meter reaches zero. A game over isn’t the end of the world though, as you can restart in the same level you just attempted or in an easier mode to avoid frustration. At any time you can go back and replay levels that you have already beaten as well, which gives a bit more longevity to the game. It isn’t particularly original to use word typing to defeat enemies, but there is still some fun to be had here.

A virtual currency called zombucks is earned while playing the game and is used to unlock new avatar clothing for Dan or Zoe, the default avatars. Zombucks can also be purchased with Facebook credits if you aren’t earning it at a fast enough pace. These avatar items appear to be strictly cosmetic, so they don’t affect the gameplay in any way.

The most interesting element of Zombie Typomaniac is that the Facebook HTML5 game is really just a trial to get you to purchase the full version. Within the game you can purchase the full version of Zombie Typomaniac for 30 Facebook credits. This grants you access to more levels, 10,000 zombucks, new bosses, and an additional survival mode to play around with.

Zombie Typomaniac

No genre of Facebook game is safe from the zombie invasion, and now you can practice your typing speed and skills while trying to avoid being chewed on by brain-starved zombies. Zombie Typomaniac isn’t the most polished or beautiful game on Facebook, but I found the core gameplay to be intriguing enough to hold my attention for quite some time. Sharing my typing speed with my friends felt like a competition that could spur additional players for this game, if only to see how fast you type in comparison with your friends. There’s enough content to entertain for at least an evening of fun, and you might even improve your keyboarding skills while you’re playing.

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