Youda Fisherman Review

Youda Fisherman, a game that could be described as a natural evolution ofFarm FrenzyandYouda Survivor, proves to be a wonderful game that is mostly free of feeling of repetition and overly complicated controls that have hampered past titles.

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Youda Fisherman adds fresh twists to proven time management gameplay

Youda Fisherman, a game that could be described as a natural evolution of Farm Frenzy and Youda Survivor, proves to be a wonderful game that is mostly free of feeling of repetition and overly complicated controls that have hampered past titles.

Youda Fisherman features 65 levels that can be beaten in gold, silver and bronze time, and depending on your performance you will earn tokens that can be spent on upgrades of your factories and ships as well as improvements of your headquarter which offer a variety of helpful bonuses. Altogether it will take roughly five hours to complete the game even for experienced players, and if you aspire gold time for every level you can easily add another hour to that. All the more motivating is the incredible amount of trophies and achievements you can earn.

The basic gameplay of Youda Fisherman is pretty similar to the Farm Frenzy- and Youda Survivor-series, so players of those games will feel right at home from the beginning. Instead of managing a farm or an isolated island you are now in the fishing business and are in fact controlling a variety of ships. Those ships need fuel and money and other resources to operate and if you don’t pay and fuel them, they will leave your waters quicker than you can say “Fish”.

In each level you will be able to catch different marine creatures such as lobsters, caviar or tuna. The design of the screen is very similar to its role models, with docks and cargo ships in the upper corners, your factories on the left and right hand side, and ships and marine creatures in the centre. There are two kinds of markets, and a lot of different resources that you can earn for selling fish and more complex products.

Those resources include money, wood and steel to name just a few, and they all can be used for different purposes. Money is used to upgrade your factories, while wood and steel keep your defense machines against pirates working. Furthermore all those resources can be used at the second market to buy products such as olives, tomatoes and hot peppers which can then be used at your factories to create more expensive products from raw fish. While this might sound a bit complicated, Youda Fisherman does a wonderful job in introducing new features slowly, implementing those additions seamlessly and making controls and interface pretty much self-explanatory.

In the end you have to earn resources or possess certain products by trading and producing efficiently. Sometimes certain markets will be closed, at other times a market might be under attack and you have to provide specific products to enable that market to fight pirates. Gameplay is also spiced up by pirate ships and balloons that you can fight with an interesting variety of machines, for example tesla towers. Moreover you have to chase away sharks and whales, as well as fulfill special timed orders that will reward you with nice surprises.

The best thing that Youda Fisherman has going for it is the incredible amount of features, bonuses and additions during the game, while avoiding an over-complicated and slightly repetitive gameplay this time around. While the playing time is definitely convincing, the game is not full of too similar and too many levels, and the great variety of objectives and challenges certainly help, too. Furthermore the game has adorable graphics and cute animations.

As you might notice we did not have many issues with Youda Fisherman. It can be quite frustrating at times when a wrong click results in an unwanted upgrade or a power outage, and this sometimes happens when the screen is too busy and the player has to click without interruption. But this is partly due to the gameplay, so it’s hard to say whether this frustrating aspect could have been avoided at all. It also can be hard to keep in mind all your objectives and your short-term goals while managing hectic business at the same time, but after a while you will get used to this, too.

All in all Youda Fisherman is a real treat for fans of this kind of gameplay. It avoids most issues from similar titles, while recreating proven gameplay with fresh twists and intelligent additions. The graphics are colorful, the sound suits the theme, there is a wonderful variety of achievements, upgrades and features, and the goals are challenging yet feasible. Make a good catch!

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      80 out of 100