Youda Farmer 3: Seasons Review

Youda Farmer 3: Seasons is a polished clicking frenzy for time management game fans

Just how often can the same village face different disasters in a rather short time? In Youda Farmer 3: Seasons you have to help the village and your farm for a third time, after a storm during a winter night destroys most of the houses and buildings. Proving to be as polished and unique as its predecessors, we absolutely recommend this game for people who enjoy wild clicking frenzies.

Youda Farmer 3: Seasons features 76 levels and offers a playing time of roughly five to seven hours, depending on any player’s experience and motivation. Levels can be finished in gold, silver and bronze time, and interestingly enough you can choose the more improvements for your farm the longer you need to finish a level. This is a very good way to make the game as motivating for both veterans and newcomers to this genre. Furthermore there are a lot of achievements as one is already used to in games from this developer.
Changes between Youda Farmer 3: Seasons and the predecessor are not as numerous and notable as between the first the second part of this series, but there are still enough new features and resolved issues that make it a worthwhile sequel. Fruits, vegetables and other products can be picked up from varying farms. As soon as a tomato, fish, or an apple is ready you are notified by an appearing panel at the bottom of the screen. You can then jump to that farm by clicking on this panel, put the item into a box and take it to whichever vendor might pay for it.

You have to be careful though – if you wait too long products can boil which results in a hefty fine. Fortunately products can be recycled for free pretty simply, which makes the whole procedure a lot easier than in the predecessors. Some new products are introduced, and in contrast to Youda Farmer 2 you will also supply the carpenter and the tailor to produce furniture, clothing, or tools along with the already well-known meals. If you pick up or deliver three or more products of the same kind you will even get bonus money on top of the regular price of any given product.

However, in Youda Farmer 3: Seasons you will not only supply the restaurant with prepared meals, such as eggs and bacon or various cakes, but are also able to construct and upgrade a luxurious hotel that attracts demanding visitors. These visitors will order meals, too, and are willing to pay a much higher price for those meals, but those orders are not mandatory, which means that the pace does not get even more hectic due to this new feature.
Apart from the improvements you can choose at the end of each level, which mostly consist of increased prices for raw products or additional storage at farms you are also able to buy different perks at the store (along with the already mentioned upgrades for the hotel). Those perks have varying effects, one will make your truck go faster, others are mainly a support for natural disasters. Those disasters include snow, bugs, and other problems which you can also see in the panels and simply solve by clicking the related product quickly.

Youda Farmer 3: Seasons absolutely shines when it comes to graphics. The theme of including the four seasons fits the general theme of the game and furthermore improves its already polished look. It is just a joy to watch the truck drive through the colorful village, but some more people would have been a welcome change. Depending on the current season some products are only available at the harbor which also affects your gaming strategy. Another funny but small feature is the county fair where you can play six different mini-games which are very unique in contrast to those standard formulas in other games.

The only downside of the game is that some of the new features don’t have as much of an impact as they were probably supposed to. The perks are a nice idea, but disasters can be resolved easily without them, and they do not really influence gameplay as much as would have been needed to make them worthwhile. The same goes for orders from the hotel and the restaurant. While they do offer much more money than regular level orders, it is very hard to prepare and deliver them in time, not to speak of the fact that it becomes nearly impossible to beat any level in gold time when you take too many bonus orders.

In the end though Youda Farmer 3 Seasons will definitely please fans of the series with all the minor improvements, high polish, and engaging gameplay. Newcomers might be overwhelmed at first due to the rather complex mechanics and the fast pace, but there is a huge reward to get into it. While some of the new features do not tap their full potential, game mechanics in general are combined even more seamlessly, so you can look forward to a pleasant time management experience.

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