Word U review – Do U have what it takes?

By Marc Hewitt |
The Good

Simple, addictive fun.

Nice aesthetics.

Variety of challenges keeps things fresh.

The Bad

No multiplayer options.


Word U is one of those simple high score challengers that will have you hooked to your phone. All you have to do is swipe through a selection of letters to create as many words as possible, and the faster you do it the higher score you get.

The more you play, the more Word U shakes things up though. It’s made up of a variety of levels, each of which contains 10 challenges. Beat all of them and you enter a fast fire round where you have to create as many words as possible within 60 seconds.

There is a caveat though. You get a different selection of letters each time you create a new word, and you have to create a word with a set number of letters. So you might get given seven letters and have to create a five letter word out of them.

It totally scrambles your brain right at a moment when you feel totally hyped up about beating the level. Fortunately, it’s all in the name of fun, and you’re only playing for further rewards.

Word U challenges your brain AND your reflexes

That’s gold by the way, which you can spend on hints. These won’t just give you a free word though. All they’ll do is place a letter in its correct place on the board, leaving it up to you to figure out what the actual word is. That’s a good thing, because you want it to still be a challenge.

There are other ways to get gold than just being fast though. A fun little feature is the ability to find secret words, which don’t go towards beating the round, but provide a direct gold reward.

And that’s pretty much Word U in a nutshell – a simple but addictive word game that will give your brain a good workout while simultaneously helping you relax from a stressful day. The nice cartoon visuals help with that, giving you the same vibes as hanging out on campus.

If we had a complaint, it would be the lack of any multiplayer options. We’d have really liked the opportunity to go up against the clock with our friends, to see who really was the word master. If that eventually follows, we’ve got a real winner on our hands.

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